IPAS (Intelligent Proximity Alert System)
Intelligent makes a safer workplace.

IPAS (Intelligent Proximity Alert System)

Ultra-wide band-based safety-assisting system.
IPAS prevent collision between pedestrian and vehicles by signaling dangers in 2-way
communication to both drivers and pedestrians in an industrial site.
  • 초광대역 무선통신(Ultra-wide band)

    (Ultra-wide band)

    Precise distance measurement
  • 편리한사용

    Plug and Play

    No-registration & Calibration
  • 모든차량설치


    Available to all kinds of industrial vehicles
  • 리튬이온 배터리

    Lithium Battery

    Up to 50 hours
    (Pedestrian Tag)
  • 안전과 효율

    Safer and Efficient

    Customizable settings


IPAS is appliable to heavy machinery such as forklift, excavator, wheel loader, reach stacker, and truck in a variety of industries.

  • Pedestrian Tag 차량태그↔보행자태그

    When people enter the caution/danger range, Pedstrain Tag makes vibration and sound alert. This device is configurable and reshargeable.

  • Vehicle Tag 차량태그↔

    When a pedestrian enters into the caution and danger area of the vehicle tag, the sound alarm comes out form the indicator connected with the vehicle tag.

  • Crossway Zone Tag 교차로ZT↔차량태그

    When multiple vehicles are entering to the intersection simultaneously, Crossway Zone tag makes the voice alert and projects the spot light onto the floor by detcing the vehicle tag.

  • Flashlight Zone Tag 경광등ZT↔차량태그

    The Flashlight Zone tag detects the approaching vehicles and alert the drivers and pedestrians with visual alarms.

KIGIS Features

IPAS’s value added feature creates a safer and efficient work place.

  • Speed Control

    Control the vehicle speed to prevent collision accident.
  • Idle Time

    Alarm automatically becomes silent after the pre-configured idle time passes.
  • Driver Mode

    The driver is able to totally mute the pedestrian tag with the magnetic pad.
  • Safety Zone

    Creates a mute environment within a certain zone.
  • Device Exclusion

    Exclude a certain vehicle tag or pedestrian to create a mute environment.
차량 속도 제어
알람 동작 시간 설정
드라이버 모드
안전구역 설정
In the everyday workplace, heavy equipment such as forklifts and excavators are indispensable. Everyone wants to work in a safe environment expecting no accident, but in fact, everyone is at risk.

Safety is the first and foremost factor in every industry and
our major goal is to provide a more sustainable and safer workplace.


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